Baek Food & Drinks


about Baek
Reservations: call +31611082355


Walk in at Baek on the corner that gives color to the gray Blaak. Feel at home in the cosiest living room of Rotterdam and experience our service and casual atmosphere while enjoying a lunch, drink or dinner.


Pubquiz @ Baek

Every Wednesday
Every Wednesday of the year you can go to Baek for the nicest quiz of 010 to compete with your team for one of the prizes. Want to grab a bite first? Then reserve a table at 0611082355.
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Karaoke @ Baek

We keep u posted
Is it not appreciated at home if you sing along with your favorite album? No worries, come to Baek's karaoke because every note is just right.
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Organise your party in Baek!

Is it your birthday, graduation or do you just want to have a proper party? Then please contact Baek. In addition to our perfect location, almost nothing is too crazy and we'll find a way to make it work.

Pica Pica presents Music and Art in Baek Food & Drinks

Pica Pica returns monthly on the first Thursday of the month. At this event the new exhibition will be opened by the artist and you can then enjoy live music.